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Related article: Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 14:14:56 +1000 From: Mark Peters Subject: After We Danced - Part 13 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Dear Reader: Well, this is the part you have been waiting for. I won't prattle on for too long. I'll just let you read on. I hope you enjoy! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Legal Stuff: The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. Don't read this story if: You are not 18 or over, OR, if it is illegal to read this type of material where you live, OR, if you don't want to read about gay/bi people in love or having sex.The author retains copyright to this story. Placing this story on a web site or reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright. If you would like to respond to the story, make suggestions or other constructive' comments or advice may be sent to: All e-mails will be answered. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * After We Danced - Part 13byMark Peters - Chapter One -We all piled into Matt's car at about nine thirty, after we had showered and had breakfast, and armed with our maps of the town and the university campus.I had to admit that Matt and I were both more than a bit curious about this 'special place' that we were going to visit at some stage today, but in spite of our constant probing and digging we were still none the wiser.Tim and Guy were steadfast in their refusal to divulge their little secret.As I have said before, our little hideaway of Thompsonville was about twenty minutes away from Macquarie Harbour, so we pulled out of the caravan park and pointed the car south for the short trip to town, heading along the Pacific Highway."So, besides looking around the campus, what else do you think we should look at while we are here?", Matt asked us, as we passed an old, orange, VW Combi van as it laboured up a small hill, with smoke billowing out behind it.The back of it was covered with stickers, like peace signs and marijuana leaves, and as we passed it we were all keen to look inside to check out the driver, no doubt expecting to see some long haired hippy dude with flowers in his hair.As it turned out, we were to be disappointed however, when a thin faced, middle aged, bespectacled man with almost no hair and wearing a collar and tie, gave us a smile and a wave."Damn", Tim said. "That was a let down."The four of us all laughed."So? What else do we have to do while we are here?", Matt asked again."Real Estate agents", Guy answered. "We should have a look for cheap flats, or houses to rent, preferably in Thompsonville.""Brilliant", I said. "We could, like, all share?""Of course", Guy answered. "It's the logical thing to do, isn't it?""Damn right, it is", Matt answered. "It's perfect."We managed to find the campus a short while later, thanks mainly to the fact that Tim and Guy had already had a Lolitas Rompl bit of a snoop around on the previous afternoon after they had arrived, and had soon parked the car in a car park at the bottom of a hill, on which stood what turned out to be the main administration building.I got out of the car and just looked around me, in total amazement."Everything looks so new", I said to them."Yeah, well it is a relatively new university. It's only been going about five years. They're even still working on some buildings", Tim said to me, pointing towards a construction site a few hundred yards down the road.As we all walked up the small hill towards the administration building, Matt asked, "So, what made you guys want to come here?""Thompsonville", Tim answered. "We just loved the place so much after spending that bit of time here with you and Luke a while back. What about you?""The same", I answered them, smiling.Just as we reached the steps of the main building we heard an awful racket down in the car park and turned just in time to see the same orange Combi that we had passed earlier, pulling into the car park, still trailing smoke.- Chapter Two -The day proved to be an experience, to say the least.We were bombarded with literature. We were treated to tours of all the facilities. We had our every question answered.We had found that there were all sorts of stands set up around the campus, offering details on all manner of activity that we could get involved in, from sports to the arts, even a Gay Support group, which we glanced at only casually as we were walking past.It was being manned by a rather large girl with very short, spiked, bright pink hair, who looked like someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, so we kept walking (although I am sure that she would have been perfectly charming if we had stopped).At lunch time we bought some food from one of several stalls that had been set up near the administration building, and ate it on a nearby grassy area, while watching clowns, jugglers and various other assorted entertainers plying their trade."Is this a university or a circus?", Matt asked at one stage."A bit of both actually", came an answer from someone who was standing behind us."Those are mostly students from our Performing Arts faculty."Startled, we spun around to see who it was, only to find that it was our friend from the smoke blowing, orange Combi van."Are you all coming here this year?", he asked us."Everyone but me?", Matt answered him."Well, I hope you are finding your way around the campus alright?", he responded."Yes, we are, thanks", Tim answered him. "It's been great.""I'm pleased", the Combi driver said, then without another word, he wandered off along the path towards the administration building.We left the campus about an hour later, shortly after we had come face to face with a couple of our old classmates, James Bower and Tom Davis, who it seemed, would also be attending the university.We introduced them to Tim and Guy, and for some reason my mind flipped back to that very first day back at school, after our formal, when there was the first sign of trouble for Matt.The guys chatted for a little while, but I drifted off someplace else, deep in thought,thinking about that day when James had asked Matt if he had "got lucky on Friday night?"I remember his exact words now, just as plainly as if I were just hearing them for the first time today. I also thought about my mystery e-mailer. The one who had said he was gay and was in our class at school.I wondered if it could be James?I wasn't sure about Tom though. Even though he had been in the same year at school, I didn't really know him well enough to even hazard a guess.Moments later, I snapped back to attention when I heard someone say, "Luke?""Huh?""I asked you if you got yourself accepted here?", Tom was saying."Sorry, I must have been somewhere else. Ummm, not officially. I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Matt and I just thought we'd come down and check the place out anyway, seeing as it was fairly close, and these guys were coming up to have a look as well.""Ahh, well. Good luck with it then", James said."Thanks."We all went on our merry way after that, and our small group headed back towards Matt's car."You seen enough?", he asked me as we dawdled along a path, a few feet in the wake of Tim and Guy, who were deep in conversation ahead of us."Yeah", Lolitas Rompl I answered. "It looks impressive, doesn't it?""Hmmmmm", was all that Matt said.When we reached the car Tim and Guy were propped up against the front mudguard waiting for us."You ready for a trip now?", Tim asked us as we reached them."What sort of a trip?", Matt asked, rather cautiously."You'll see", Tim answered. "But first we have to swing by the caravan and pick up our towels."- Chapter Three -After we had called back in at the caravan as instructed, the boys led us northwards, with Matt driving, and with Guy doing the navigating. It was getting late in the afternoon, but there were still at least a couple of hours of daylight left, so we were keen to take advantage of that.At Guy's instruction, we had turned off the Pacific Highway just north of Thompsonville and were now travelling along an old road that appeared to be running parallel with the coast.It didn't look like it was a road that ever saw much use, and I could see that Matt was starting to get a little anxious, as the further we went, the narrower and narrower the road was becoming, and the forests seemed to be closing in around us.Every now and then however, we caught glimpses of the rolling blue sea through infrequent gaps in the dense forests, which lifted our spirits once again."Are you sure you know where we are going?", Matt asked our friends more than once."Relax mate", Guy said. "We're nearly there.""Yeah, but where is that exactly?""You'll see."Then just as we thought we had reached the end of the world the forests that had surrounded us gave way to a cleared headland and rest area, with picturesque views of the ocean and sandy beaches Lolitas Rompl which ran for miles and miles in either direction.As we rounded the last bend in the road, a sign loomed up in front of us. "Welcome to Flinders Beach", it said, and I heard Matt give a loud sigh. I think he had been starting to get a little worried."What is this place?", I asked them."Only the best nudist beach around here", Tim answered."Now you're talking", Matt said, as he stopped the Commodore against the fence, pointing its nose out towards the azure seas.There were only two other cars in the car park, which thankfully meant that things were fairly quiet today, so after getting out of the car, the four of us almost ran down the sandy path to the beach."Wow", Matt said as he stopped and gazed along the beach in both directions."Come on you guys", Tim said to us as he pulled his T-shirt over his head to reveal a perfect six-pack and beautifully tanned body. "Last one in is a rotten egg."We were giggling like a bunch of school kids, but within a matter of seconds we all managed to strip our clothes off and were soon running towards the waters edge, each as naked as the day we had been born.- Chapter Four �We saw no one else on the beach that afternoon, despite the fact that it was a Saturday and there had been a couple of other cars in the car park. We figured that their owners were probably on the beach around the other side of the headland.Undeterred however, we played there until just before the sun showed signs of sinking below the horizon, dunking each other in the water, racing each other along the beach, or making out in the long grass that ran down to the edge of the sand from the shifting dunes.It was a wonderful afternoon, but as the sun sank lower and the shadows slowly stretched their chilly fingers across the sands, we finally decided it was time to head back towards civilization, with our towels wrapped around us, or draped over our shoulders, and carrying our clothes."Come on, there are showers back up on the hill", Tim said as we all started dragging ourselves back up onto our weary feet."So, you're still not sure yet, if you will get into S.S.U.?", Tim asked me as we made our way up the hill."No", I answered him. "I guess I was a little slow in applying. I'm fairly hopeful they will find a spot there for me.""I hope so too", he answered."Have you heard back from them yet?", I asked."Not officially. I rang them though, before we drove up here and they told me over the phone that I was in. They said the letter of confirmation was in the mail."I just nodded."Hey, maybe yours will be waiting for you when you get home?", he said, punching me in the arm as he did so."I hope so."When we reached the top of the path, Tim led us to a brick building which was off to the side, and right near the edge of the forest.There were toilets and showers in there, so we walked into the showers and dropped our clothes on to the change bench then stepped under streams of steaming hot water."Shit", Matt exclaimed. "Hot water, all the way out here. Brilliant."We all stood under the water, under separate nozzles, with the room slowly filling with steam. Matt stood at one end, then Guy, then Tim, then me.I couldn't help myself, even though we had all been swimming naked together, but I just couldn't stop staring at Tim under the shower. He was standing next to me in the showers, letting the water run down over his body and wash the salt from the ocean away.As we stood there, I noticed that he was growing erect, and as he did so he glanced up and saw me staring at him, then smiled.It felt like I was back at school, in the showers after playing football or something. I suddenly found myself stirring also, and quickly turned away to hide my embarrassment.When I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder, I jumped. Slowly I turned around, to see Tim standing there facing me, slowly stroking himself.Matt was standing beside him, with his arm draped over Tim's shoulder, his face lit up with this huge grin. While Guy was standing there also, with his arm draped over Tim's other shoulder.Three beautiful boys all in a row. And all standing to attention.It was one of those moments that I had often fantasised about, but never thought I would ever be involved in.As I stood there gawking at them, Tim reached over and pulled Matt's face to his, then kissed him.My heart started racing. My throat went dry. My dick started throbbing.I didn't know what to do.I thought about it. Oh, how I thought about it. But in the end I couldn't do it.There was only one guy that I wanted to kiss. There was only one cock I wanted to suck. There was only one guy I wanted to fuck me.Just one.Not three.In spite of all my fantasies and daydreams. In spite of my grinning at them this morning in the caravan while they were going at each other. This just wasn't me. I wasn't in to group sex.Like a coward, I turned and ran from the room, on legs that felt like jelly, pausing only to pick up my towel on the way out.>From behind me I heard Matt say, "Oh, shit", then I heard him running also, following me.- Chapter Five -I only stopped when I was outside, having hastily wrapped my towel around me.I found myself leaning up against the wall of the building gasping for breath and shaking. It was crazy, I know. But I just couldn't help it."I'm so sorry. I just wasn't thinking", Matt said to me as he came to me and leant against the building beside me.I managed something that resembled a smile."You were thinking alright. But not with your brain", I said to him, grinning. "Anyway, you don't have to be sorry. It was me, that was all.""But I kissed Tim?", he exclaimed."And?""You're not angry?", he asked, rather incredulously."With you? Never.""So, what...", he started to say, but I stopped him, by placing my fingers against his lips."You don't know how often I've fantasised about a moment like that", I said to him. "But when push came to shove, I couldn't do it. I'm not into those type of scenes. There is only one person I want to make love to. Not three.""But...""Shut up", I said. "And just kiss me."He did as he was told.Tim and Guy cautiously emerged a few moments later, dripping wet and with their towels wrapped around themselves. Matt and I broke our lip lock just long enough to give them a smile."I'm sorry", Tim started to say, but I stopped him."It's OK, really", I said. "It's no big deal. It's just that there's only one guy I'm interested in. Not three. That just isn't my scene.""No hard feelings then?", Tim asked, extending his hand towards me.I didn't shake his hand, although I probably should have. Instead, we all just stared at him, with our mouths open."I can't believe you just said that", Guy said to him."What...", he began to say, then the penny dropped, and he went as red as a beetroot.- Chapter Six -There was little said between us all as we drove back to the caravan park. Tim and Guy were wearing their looks of guilt quite well, not that it was bothering me much, while Matt was grinning to himself."What's your problem?", I tried asking him a couple of times, but he simply shook his head.That night, after having a proper shower and changing into clothes that didn't smell like a salt mine, we all went down to the boardwalk and ate fish and chips from the diner, while watching boats and seagulls come and go.It was a peaceful scene, and one that we would have little difficulty in getting used to. Lolitas Rompl I pointed out some house boats to Matt and we watched the people onboard going about their lives."I could handle living like that", he said to me as he came up from behind me and put his arms around me."So could I", I whispered back to him.Afterwards, we went to the movies.It was a pleasant night and we enjoyed ourselves, and we hoped it would be the first of many nights that we would enjoy each others company here."What about tomorrow?", Guy asked as we came out of the theatre and started walking for home. "What do you guys want to do?""There are markets on, in Macquarie Harbour", I said to them. "I saw a sign up at the university today.""Cool", Matt said. "That should be interesting. Can we go and check them out?""Sounds good to me", Tim said."Me too", Guy said."Great, then.""There's something else we still have to do yet, too", Guy added."What's that?", I asked."Have a look in the windows of some of the Real Estate agents for houses to rent.""That's right. We were going to do that, weren't we?", Matt said.When we all got back to the caravan, Matt and I turned in relatively early, for us anyway, then after saying goodnight to our friends, Matt pulled the door to the bedroom firmly shut and switched off the light."That was an interesting day", I whispered to him as he sat down beside me in the darkness and rested his head on my shoulder."Hmmm. Yes it was", he replied.I put my arm around his shoulder and kissed his forehead."Now, where did we leave off this afternoon?", I asked him.He lifted his head and even in the faint light that was coming through the window I could see him grinning.I stood up, to start undressing, but Matt had other ideas. He placed his hands on my hips and gently guided me around in front of him, then he started fumbling with my belt and the zipper of my trousers, while I slipped my T-shirt off over my head.As my baggy cargo pants fell around my ankles I reached down and grabbed the back of Matt's T-shirt, pulling it upwards and over his head.We both worked slowly. Savouring every moment, even at this early stage.Matt pulled my body towards him, and I placed my hands on either side of his head, then together, we positioned his face right in front of my rapidly growing member, which for now was still being restrained by my jocks.He pushed his face into me and gently bit at me through the now stretched fabric. I giggled. So he did it again, but then he hooked his fingers through the elastic and slipped my jocks down around my knees, allowing my manhood to spring free and stand to attention.I could feel his breath on me, cool and refreshing, and it sent a tingling sensation through my loins. When Matt touched the sensitive head of my penis with his tongue, that same tingle then coursed right through my entire body.I thrust myself at Matt and his mouth opened, taking all of my meat inside it, however as I did so, I overbalanced.I tried to move my foot, to steady myself, but with my trousers around my ankles, I was effectively hobbled.It all happened in slow motion.I was falling, and while Matt tried to hold me upright, he couldn't quite manage it. I fell sideways onto the bed, landing with a thud that shook the entire caravan, with his mouth still wrapped around me and both of us giggling uncontrollably."Hey, what's going on in there?", we heard Tim yell out to us, laughing.It was too late for us. We were already both laughing.- Chapter Seven -The first Sunday of each month is traditionally Market Day, when the main shopping centre of the town comes alive with all manner of stalls and displays and entertainment.As we walked down the mall, breathing in the experience that was our very first Macquarie Harbour markets, we couldn't help but be impressed.There were art and craft stalls, along with food stalls, of every type imaginable. There were people selling all sorts of old gear, most of which looked like junk, but the money was changing hands like you wouldn't believe."Have you ever seen anything like this?", Matt asked me, as we pulled up in front of Lolitas Rompl a stall that sold hand made jewelry.I just shook my head, while looking at a silver arrowhead on a leather thong."Hey, that's nice", Matt said, after noticing what I was looking at."Yeah, it is. Probably expensive though."We walked on a little further and came across a group of people wearing tie-died clothes and with flowers in their hair, selling small pots with herb seedlings."What type of herbs are they?", I heard Guy ask a tall girl with dirty blonde hair who was wearing bright yellow and red tie-died pants."There is Rosemary and Basil and Mint", she answered him, pointing out each little group of plants.Suddenly, Tim stuck his head out from around behind Guy, which startled the girl."Nothing more exotic?", he Lolitas Rompl asked her seriously.She looked at him sternly for a while, then said, "Not here I'm afraid, but if you come back when we are packing up we may be able to help you."I looked around to see if Matt was there and watching this, but couldn't see him anywhere in the crowd.With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Tim said, "OK, I'll see what I can do", then disappeared into the crowd and then came around behind me, leaving Guy alone to discover the pleasures of herbs.Yes sir, they had it all at these markets.The four of us were reunited moments later, when Matt emerged from the crowd and Guy managed to tear himself away from his new found friend."Where did you get to?", I asked Matt."Needed a piss", he answered. "Why, did you miss me or something?""Maybe", I answered, grinning. He slugged me in the arm.We walked on a little further and came across a stall selling Asian food."Hey, what time is it?", I asked Guy, who happened to be the only one out of the four of us who was wearing a watch."About half past eleven", he answered. "Nearly lunch time.""How about we grab a bite to eat here, and sit over there and eat it", I said, pointing at the Asian stall and then towards the steps of the Court House, which happened to be in the main street.We did just that, and sat on the steps eating spring rolls and kebabs, while we watched the world go by.It was an eye opener, to say the least. We saw people of all shapes and sizes and persuasions. We reckoned that the motto for these market days, if they had one, should be "Let it all hang out", because that's just about what everyone did.When we had just about finished eating I looked up and noticed two guys walking towards us. They were about our age, or maybe a little older.I noticed the bright orange hair that one of them had. And also the black leather trousers the other one wore.But what caught my attention however, was the fact that they were both holding hands.I must have been staring at them for quite a while, because I heard Matt say in my ear, "What are you look..."I glanced at him and noticed that he was then staring as well."Holy shit", he whispered. "There must be a thousand people here, and look at them holding hands like that."I smiled at him."Notice something else?", I asked him."What?""The only people staring at them are you and I."He blinked. He swallowed. Then he smiled."I think I could live in a town like this", he said to me."So could I", I answered, then took hold of his hand.We walked back to the car like that. I just couldn't believe it. The only reaction we got from anyone, was a smile and a wink from a guy with a pony tail, who looked like he was in his forties.- Chapter Lolitas Rompl Eight -We left Thompsonville and Lolitas Rompl Macquarie Harbour the following morning, after following Tim and Guy once again to the same roadside diner from where we had said our goodbyes on the last trip.It was mid-morning, so we shared a coffee and then hugged each other out in the car park, and went our separate ways, promising to see each other again soon.Tim apologised for about the fiftieth time for kissing my boyfriend. I told him not to sweat it.As Matt and I were in no real hurry to get home, we decided to stretch our trip home out a little, stopping frequently and having a look around in just about every little town along the way. Which proved to be both enjoyable and educational.Just like last time, we also stopped at the scenic lookout half way up the mountain, where we sat at a big picnic table that had a bark canopy over the top of it, and ate the lunch that we had purchased at the last stop.After I had finished, I wandered over to the railing and looked down into the valley below us, which stretched all the way through to the sea, which we could still make out in the distance.As I stood there, Matt came up behind me and put something around my neck and, startled, I looked down Lolitas Rompl and saw that it was the silver arrowhead that I had been looking at the markets the day before.I turned around and faced him, and he leant in close, holding on to the railing, with one arm either side of me, forcing me back against the rail."What did you go and do that for?", I asked him."Coz I wanted to", he answered. "Do I need any other reason than that?"I just shook my head and looked down at the silver pendant."Thank you. It's beautiful", I said to him."Only on you", he whispered, then pulled me to him and hugged me, before we started walking back to the car, arm in arm.When we reached my parents house later that day, which was our first stop after getting back into town, it was just on dark but there were no lights on there."They must have gone out someplace", I said to Matt as we pulled up at the back door."Will we keep going?", he asked me."No, just give me a minute and I'll run in and see if they left a note or anything. Lolitas Rompl We did tell them that we would be back tonight.""OK, I'll just wait here for you."After getting out of the car and walking up the few steps to the back door, I pulled out my keys and let myself inside, then switched on the kitchen light.Noticing that there was something on the table, I walked over to it and found a note from my parents, plus two official looking letters which were addressed to me.The note said that they had all gone out to the movies, so I then turned my attention to the envelopes I was holding. Each of them bore a crest in the top left hand corner of the envelope, and I instantly knew what they were.The first letter that I looked at was from Highlands University.The second was from Southern Star University.I looked at them for a long moment, before finally heading towards the door. My hands were trembling as I switched out the light and then locked the back door.I nearly stumbled down the back steps."Is everything alright?", Matt asked me as I sat back in the car. "You look like you've seen a ghost."I managed a faint smile, and showed him the envelopes. He simply raised his eyebrows and let out a long soft whistle."So, where is everyone?", he asked me."Movies.""Oh. Well, are you going to open them?"For a long while I didn't answer him. I just kept staring at the envelopes."Luke?""Huh?", I said, coming back to reality."I said, are you going to open them?""Later", I answered. "For now, lets just go home."We drove the short distance in silence, and when we reached our small flat, I simply got out of the car and went straight inside, jumping straight down on to the bed and holding them out in front of me, turning them over in my hands, unsure if they were going to bite me or kiss me."You have to open them", Matt said when he eventually came inside, carrying both of our bags and noticing me staring at the envelopes in what he must have seen as fear."Hmmm", I answered."Well?""Alright then, I'll do it. Which one first?""Highlands", he answered, as he folded his arms and propped himself up against the doorway.I looked at the envelope, then roughly tore the end open and pulled its contents out.I felt my heart jump, as I quickly read through it, then I just put the envelope down on my lap and tipped my head back against the headboard of our bed."Well?" Matt asked."I'm in?", I answered. "There's a place there for me if I want it."Matt smiled, lighting up the room as he did so, just as he always managed to do."Now for the big one", I said."It'll be fine", Matt promised me.Once again, I tore the envelope open and pulled out its contents, and once again my heart skipped when I read the contents of the letter.When I was finished, I once again tipped my head back against the headboard of our bed, only this time it was different."Well?", he excitedly asked me.How could I tell him that I had missed out? How could I tell him that I was only on a waiting list? I had set my heart on this. Just as I was sure that Matt had now set his heart on it also. Now our dreams would be shattered.Finally, I looked at him, and straight away he knew it.He almost ran the few steps to the bed, then snatched the letter from me and read through it."I...I...", I started to say, but no words could come out. All that was coming from me were tears.He looked down at me and I could see he was near to crying as well, then in an instant, he was beside me, bundling me up into his strong arms and rocking me backwards and forwards."Ssssh", he was saying. "It's alright. It doesn't matter."I wanted to tell him that I knew that, really, but nothing came out.He just held me close to him, rocking away my hurt, and somewhere Lolitas Rompl deep in the night, we both fell into a fitful, uneasy asleep.- Chapter Nine -It proved to be a restless night for both of us, with a lot of tossing and turning and with very little sleep going on.When morning came we were both still dressed in the clothes we had been wearing the day before, having fallen asleep in each others arms on the bed. There was a blanket covering us, which I guessed that Matt must have pulled up over us both at some stage.Wearily, I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair, feeling as if I'd just gone twelve rounds with Mike Tyson, and when I looked across at Matt and noticed the dark rings under his eyes, I reckoned it would be safe to assume that he was going to feel the same way when he woke up.It was a little before seven, so as quietly as I could, I got up and walked over to the clock radio and made sure that the alarm didn't go off and wake Matt up, thinking that I would let him sleep for just a little while longer.I thought about going and having a shower, but instead I just lay back down on the bed, with my arms folded behind my head, and stared at the ceiling.This was going to be a long day. For both of us!I thought about the letters I had received the day before, and about shattered dreams, but after a while I came to the conclusion that it didn't matter where I went really. Matt would come with me, and we would be together. What did it matter where it was?I knew that we also had to get through today first. So for the moment I would put aside my own disappointments to focus all of my energies on Matt.He needed me today. And so did my father. And I wasn't going to let either of them down by being too wrapped up with my own problems and disappointments.Finally, at about seven thirty, having reconciled everything I needed to do in my own mind, I reached out and gently shook him by the shoulder.He simply brushed my hand away and rolled over.I reached over and gently leant across him, then quietly spoke into his ear."Come on, dream boat. You've got to get up", I said to him.I got no response at all this time. I was tempted to go and get a saucepan full of cold water, but quickly decided against that option.I shook him by the shoulder again. Only a little more forcefully, and this time I got a reaction."Just leave me alone, will you?", he said to me."You have to get up. It's after half past seven."Quickly, he threw the blanket back and sat up."What happened to the alarm? Why didn't you wake me?", he testily asked.I almost laughed at him.- Chapter Ten -It was one of those awkward moments, the type that you always hoped you would be able to avoid, but knew deep down would catch up with you eventually.We had just climbed the stairs, which led up to the main doors of the Court House. There were seven of who entered the foyer together, being Harry, Matt and his parents, plus my parents and me, all wishing that this day would be over as quickly as possible.What we were not prepared for, however, was the sight of Tony, Aunt Margaret and what I assumed was the Police Prosecutor, who were also walking into the foyer at exactly the same time, from a side door.We knew that we would see them today, at some stage, but to come face to face with Matt's accusers at this early stage of the morning was a little more than any of us had expected.The two groups eyed each other off for what seemed like an eternity, before anyone spoke."Hello, Margaret", my mother finally said to her sister.Aunt Margaret simply nodded, while standing behind Tony and holding on to his shoulders, as if she were holding him there as a shield.I looked at Tony, who I could see was looking directly at Matt and was quite visibly upset and was shaking, while Aunt Margaret stood fast, with her face set in a determined glare.Tony's expression, to me, looked to be a strange mixture of fear and guilt, which I thought was rather odd, while Matt just glared back at him, understandably seething with hatred for my young cousin.I think that if there hadn't have been so many people around, Tony would have found himself on the wrong end of Matt's anger this morning, which I would have hated to have seen, for both of their sakes.The uneasy silence continued.Finally, it was Harry who told us to move along, gesturing towards some seats that were over against one wall. We turned and started towards them, but just as we did this we were stopped, by three words which were unexpectantly uttered from behind us."I'm so sorry", Tony said, pulling away from his mother and quickly walking over to where Matt and I had stopped and turned to face him."What did you say?", I asked him."Tony! Shut up", his mother said, as she grabbed him by the arm and tried to drag him away from us.It was Harry and the Police Prosecutor who then intervened, and managed to free Tony from his mothers vice like grip."Tony. What did you just say?", I repeated.He Lolitas Rompl looked from me, to Matt, to the Prosecutor, to his mother and finally back at Matt and I."I said, I was sorry. I didn't mean for it to go this far", he answered, rather meekly.I let out a deep breath. Matt's trembling hand found his way into mine. I just wanted to hug him.After a long silence Tony added, "I tried to tell her the truth, that I had just made it up to get your attention, but she wouldn't believe me. Then she told me to shut up, and to say nothing. She said you deserved it anyway. You know, because you're.
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